PrintDry Filament Dryer


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Filament Dryer for various types of Filaments

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Recommended Drying Time

No.MaterialsDryer TempDrying Time
1PLA45°C (113°F)> 4h
2ABS60°C (140°F)> 2h
3PETG65°C (149°F)> 2h
4Nylon70°C (158°F)> 12h
5Dessicant65°C (149°F)> 3h
6PVA45°C (113°F)> 10h
7TPU/TPE50°C (122°F)> 4h
8ASA60°C (140°F)> 4h
9PP55°C (131°F)> 6h
10HIPS60°C (140°F)> 4h

These recommendations are made for the following conditions.

* Ambient RH: 50% * Ambient Temp: 20°C (68°F) * 500g (1 lbs) filament spool

Actual drying time for a filament may vary under different environmental conditions as well as the initial water content levels in the filament. In addition to drying prior to 3D printing, drying the filament while printing is always recommended.


  • Active Drying Technology
  • Dryer Temp Range: 35-70°C or 95-160°F *
  • Continuous Drying Time: 40 Hours (max)
  • Power Supply: 120VAC/60Hz or 220VAC/50Hz, 245W
  • Spool Dimensions: OD 100-250mm (4-10″), Height 25-125mm (1-5″), Spool Mounting Hole Diameter 19-58mm (3/4-2.3″)
  • Spool Weight: max. 2Kg (4.5 lbs)
  • Weight: 3.8Kg or 8.5lbs
  • Size: 370x370x360mm or 15x15x15″

* Please note the actual temperature inside a dryer varies due to (1) ambient temperature; (2) location; (3) how many filament spools and desiccant pouches put inside the dryer. Higher ambient temperature means higher temperature inside a dryer. More close to the heat source the temperature is higher. The lower chamber of a dryer is about 8°C higher than the upper chamber. More filament spools and desiccant pouches inside a dryer can increase the dryer internal temperature.

  • 1 PrintDry Filament Dryer
  • 1 Feeder for top chamber
  • 2 D-Spools

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