PrintDry Filament Dryer 2.0


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Filament dryer for printing PVA & Nylons effortless

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How it works

After absorbing moisture from the air, the water molecules are bound to the polymer chains of filaments. The PrintDry filament dryer uses heat to cause the molecules in the filament to move more vigorously and this weakens and breaks the bond of water molecules from the polymer chains and permits water molecules to move freely. Airflow carries heat to the filament and also carries the freed water molecules away. However, filaments do not dry instantly. They must first be heated to allow the water molecules free movement. Then, there must be sufficient time for the water molecules to defuse to the surface of the filament in order to evaporate. The PrintDry filament dryer is designed based on these drying factors: (1) heat; (2) dew point; (3) drying time; (4) airflow.

A spool of filament can be dried in a PrintDry filament dryer before 3D printing for storage. The dryer temperature can be set in a range of 35-70°C or 95-160°F.

Relative humidity inside the PrintDry filament dryer can go as low as 10% after 2-hour drying.


  • Dryer Temp Range: 35-70°C or 95-160°F *
  • Continuous Drying Time: 40 Hours (max)
  • Power Supply: 220VAC, 60Hz, 245W
  • Spool Dimensions: OD 100-250mm (4-10"), Height 25-125mm (1-5"), Spool Mounting Hole Diameter 19-58mm (3/4-2.3")
  • Spool Weight: max. 2Kg (4.5 lbs)
  • Weight: 3.8Kg or 8.5lbs
  • Size: 370x370x360mm or 15x15x15"
  • It is possible to print the material from the dryer

* Please note the actual temperature inside a dryer varies due to (1) ambient temperature; (2)location; (3)how many filament spools and desiccant pouches. Higher ambient temperature means higher temperature inside a dryer. More close to the heat source the temperature is higher. Lower chamber of a dryer is about 8C higher than the upper chamber. More filament spools and desiccant pouches inside a dryer can increase the dryer internal temperature.

No.MaterialsDryer TempDrying Time
1PLA45°C (113°F)> 4h
2ABS60°C (140°F)> 2h
3PETG65°C (149°F)> 2h
4Nylon70°C (158°F)> 12h
5Dessicant65°C (149°F)> 3h
6PVA45°C (113°F)> 4h
7TPU/TPE50°C (122°F)> 4h
8ASA60°C (140°F)> 4h
9PP55°C (131°F)> 6h

Filament Dryer II includes two filament chambers. You can get an extra chamber to update use it for big spools (photo 2 & 3).


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