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  • PrintaFix Basic offers you a solution for adhesion problems in 3D Printing. PrintaFix is easy to use and offers good adhesion on non-heated and heated printbeds.

    € 12,99
  • Super Lube Grease is a patented synthetic, multi-purpose lubricant with PTFE. Ideally suited for 3D Printers! Tube 85 gr.

    € 10,49
  • Monocure 3D RESINAWAY is a non-flammable, safe, highly advanced UV resin cleaning solution.

    € 56,00
  • Super Lube Synthetic oil with (PTFE) is a blend of premium synthetic PAO oil, mineral oil, PTFE micron sized powder and powerful additives that provide superior lubrication protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion. Pen 7 ml  (1/4oz.)

    € 7,50
  • XTC-3D® is a protective coati ng for smoothing and finishing 3D printed parts.

    € 22,55
  • CANVAS Hub is the keystone of Mosaic’s multi-material ecosystem. Think of it as the center of everything to do with multi-material printing, and the bridge that allows your hardware products to communicate with each other and come online.

    € 69,00 € 75,00
  • EXPLORE MULTI-MATERIAL PRINTING: SOLUBLE, DURABLE, FLEXIBLE, COLORFUL Unlock your 3D printing potential with the most reliable multi-material printing experience.

    € 639,00
  • Free your inner artist and bring your ideas to life. Beambox Pro is a powerful laser cutter and engraver-operated materials such as wood, leather, acrylic and cardboard can shape, cut and engrave.

    € 4.954,95
  • High quality tweezers with sharp tip. Anti-static.

    € 4,39
  • 10g | Repair or connect 3D printed parts with PrintaGlue.Works with all common materials (PLA, PET-G, M-ABS,…)Cures in seconds + Non-aging formula

    € 7,50
  • High strength steel SK-5 blade cuts through most materials with ease and wont dull easily. Alloy handle with knurled collet bezel for replacing the blade makes this a long term economical choice for model making.

    € 2,66
  • Simplify and enhance the entire printing process by wirelessly connecting your printer, Palette 2S, and computer using CANVAS Hub S

    € 149,00
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