Accessories for 3D Printers

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  • The Doodle3D WiFi-Box is little device which makes your 3D-printer wirelessly accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet. The WiFi-Box contains the popular Doodle3D app which runs in your webbrowser. With the Doodle3D app you can design beautiful 3D-prints from simple 2D-drawings.

    € 99,22
  • CEL Robox® Dual Material Print Kit to allow Robox to print with 2 materials or 2 colours in the same material on the same layer!

    € 349,69
  • Extra resin tank (print bed) for the Nobel 3D Printer from XYZ printing.

    € 49,90
  • The Ultimate 3D Print Build Surface... LOKBUILD FEATURES Optimal 3D Printing Surface Improves Model Adhesion Reduces Warping Easier Nozzle Height Calibration Durable and Long Lasting Protect your Build Plate Easy Removal of Completed Prints One Build Surface for most materials Easy to Install and Remove 305x305mm (12")

    € 23,95
  • Super Lube Grease is a patented synthetic, multi-purpose lubricant with PTFE. Ideally suited for 3D Printers! Tube 85 gr.

    € 8,60
  • XYZprinting 3D ScannerFull Body Mode is now available Three Scanning Modes : Head, Object, and Full Body scanning mode are available in the updated version of XYZscan Handy. Maximum scan volume reaches 39.3(D) x 39.3(W) x 79.7 (H) inches. Large objects can also be scanned in Full Body mode.

    € 229,00
  • With this Laser Module for the XYZprinting da Vinci Pro, you can engrave lots of materials like wood, leather, cork, paper, cardboard etc.

    € 159,00
  • XYZprinting 3D ScannerPowered by Intel® RealSense™ Great Affordability Scan with Ease Take it Wherever You Go

    € 199,00
  • The new 3D XYZprinting pen offers many possibilities to express your creativity.

    € 69,00
  • Unveiling the Most Elegant and Professional Curing Chamber Clean up and cure your printsObjects printed using resin often come out sticky! The Nobel Post-Curing Machine takes out all the fuss and cleans up and cures your prints for a smooth finish.

    € 399,00
  • Empty Filament Reel with blank EEPROM

    € 30,25
  • Super Lube Synthetic oil with (PTFE) is a blend of premium synthetic PAO oil, mineral oil, PTFE micron sized powder and powerful additives that provide superior lubrication protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion. Pen 7 ml  (1/4oz.)

    € 7,50
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